Project Description
RTFM is a set of languages and tools developed to facilitate both concurrent programming in general and embedded real-time software development in particular.

RTFM-lang at Facebook
The RTFM-lang group is a forum for sharing information related to RTFM (RealTime For the Masses.).
In this group you may share your experiences, suggest improvements, report errors, etc.
The group will also be used for official announcements, releases, events etc.

RTFM-lang at CodePlex
The DOCUMENTATION give you a guided tour and introduce RTFM by example.
Section A) an introduction to the -core language
Section B) an overview of the -core compiler options and design
Section C) an introduction to the object oriented -cOOre language
Section D) an overview of the -coore compiler options and design
Section E) an overview or run-time targets for -cOOre and -core programs
Section F) restrictions and assumptions on -core programs and targets
Section G) analysis and guarantees
Section H) working on the languages and tools
Section I) guide to get web socket support in < 200 lines of -core code!
Section J) upcoming features in -core and -cOOre

For further details, documentation and tools we refer to the official home page

Let us bring Real-Time For the Masses, it's on!!!

Per Lindgren, founder of RTFM, September 1st 2014

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