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Here you find documentation on the RTFM-lang languages and tools, and also ongoing challenges!

RTFM Challenges

1st Challange LOST countdown

Compete for best re-creation of the functionality of the classic LOST countdown timer using RTFM-lang:
You may enter the competition in two classes:
* either as student of LTU or external, or
* world wide competitor (details on submission will follow)

2nd Challenge Ultimate Compiler Championship

Compete for the belt in the feather-weight compiler class. Your goal is to extend the -cOOre language with constructs to re-implement you LOST countdown in your -cOOre language. Ways of winning are, in short:
* A working compiler, with inference rules for well-formedness (at least one implemented)
* Full set of well-formedness / type checking implemented
* Module system and bindings (through object interface) to -core code


This section gives a gentle introduction to RTFM by example:

RTFM Section A) RTFM-core

RTFM-core : A low-level language for (embedded) reactive real-time programming

RTFM Section B) rtfm-core

A tool for analysing and compiling -core programs to C

RTFM Section C) RTFM-cOOre

RTFM-cOOre, an object oriented language for (embedded) reactive real-time programming

RTFM Section D) rtfm-coore

rtfm-coore : A tool for analysing and compiling -coore programs to -core


Discussion on run-time targets
PTCORE : A run-time system for pthread platforms (OSX/Linux, etc.)
WINCORE : A run-time system for Win32 platforms (WinXP/Win7/Win8, etc.)

RTFM Section F) Semantics

Discussing restrictions and assumptions on -core programs, (current) timing semantics, etc.

RTFM Section G) Analysis

Discussing analysis and guarantees for -core and -coore programs under different targets and back end compilers.

RTFM Section H) Working on the languages and tools

Discussing by examples how to make changes/additions to the -core/-cOOre languages and tools

RTFM Section I) Websockets

Websockets in 200 lines of -core code!

RTFM Section J Upcoming features

Discussion and example of upcoming features in -core and -cOOre

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